Top 5 Ways to Celebrate Your Friends on Galentine's Day

Top 5 Ways to Celebrate Your Friends on Galentine’s Day

Monday, February 13, 2023 is Galentine’s day.

You can’t escape the flowers, chocolates and Mylar balloons that remind us that Valentine’s Day is coming. But there’s one other big day this week — and we should make a big deal of it: Galentine’s Day.

It’s time to celebrate best friends: the confidants with whom we share our greatest victories and deepest secrets, the best friends who play a part in creating our dearest memories, the soul mates who just Obtain we.

Best friends are more than just fun to be around: Research it shows that our female friends play an important role in our overall and mental health. And Galentine Day is the perfect time to celebrate their special place in our hearts.

Here are five meaningful ways to celebrate the power of female friendship and express gratitude to the female friends who make your life more beautiful just by participating in them.

1. Old-school sleepover

Sleepovers are proof that women can talk to each other about anything until the sun comes up. Having an adult sleepover means no one needs to beg their parents for a lift or stay up past curfew, but you can order a pizza and plan a themed movie marathon just like you used to: strapless and sleeping on the flooring. Grab your favorite face masks, a selection of cold weather clothes and your comfiest pajamas and invite your girlfriends over for a night of silliness and self-care. Eating the cookie dough off the roll is optional.

2. Mixed tape memories

Popularized in the 1980s, mixtapes remain one of the most thoughtful expressions of love that doesn’t cost a dime. Today, you can forgo the boombox and use a streaming radio app to create a heart-pounding playlist for your running buddy, a mix of Zen soundscapes for the never sleeper, or compile songs together from your favorite memories. Upload a photo of the two of you for the playlist cover, or if you’re feeling creative, come up with a design Canva OR ViewCreate.

3. Face your fears together

Does your friend want to try rock climbing or cold diving or take a photography class but have yet to take the first step? Trying new things together is the magic elixir for facing our fears, and the friends who have supported us through heartbreak, illness, and job transitions are up for the challenge. You may have the same interest or take the opportunity to engage in something you want to experience. So, do some research online, build a list of local resources, and offer to join her or be an accountability partner. Your check-ins can become as meaningful as the business itself.

4. Elevate your selfies

How many selfies of you and your galentina just take up space on your phone? Preserve your memories in a moving environment Photo album or modern desk calendarask an Etsy artist to create a file single portraitor choose an image for a couple of custom photo socks that will make her smile every time she opens the dresser drawer. You can also create a free slideshow on your phone with music in less than 15 minutes.

5. Be like Thelma and Louise (sort of)

We know you’d go to the ends of the earth for your best friend, but maybe without the police and the dramatic cliff dive. Borrow or rent a vintage car for the day, put the top down and enjoy the open road while singing Gwen Stefani’s “Hollaback Girl.” Check out quirky landmarks and small-town diners, buy some oversized gas station sunglasses, and stock up on produce from roadside fruit and veg stands. Don’t forget to grab a postcard and send it to your best friend on a day when you feel especially grateful for her friendship.