International Biography and Bibliography of Ophthalmologists


J.-P. Wayenborgh

Jean Paul Wayenborgh / IBBO

with the co-operation of 

C.Richard Keeler    and    Saiichi Mishima

London                                                         Tokyo


Foreword by

H. Stanley Thompson

Iowa City



International Biography and Bibliography of Ophthalmologists and Vision Scientists of all  Times with the co-operation of Saiichi Mishima, Professor Emeritus of Tokyo University, former Chairman of Tokyo University Clinic of Ophthalmology and of  C. Richard Keeler (London)

By browsing through thousands of volumes of journals and periodicals, reference works and through personal interviews, the authors have collected data on academic ophthalmologists and researchers in visual sciences, as well as of famous opticians from all over the world - from the Ancients to the Present. Every available biography is as complete as far as possible and when available a bibliography is also included in IBBO.

Thanks to the kindness and co-operation of Professor Saiichi Mishima (Tokyo University), for the first time, the western scientific world will have access to historical and living academic Japanese ophthalmologists, an access which until now was denied due to the barrier of language and the lack of biographical material. As for living ophthalmologists, we have entered, as for as this was permitted, their scientific hobbies, like collecting ophthalmic, or ophthalmologically related subjects. We have also named their former teachers in ophthalmology, thus permitting the creation of a huge Ophthalmic Genealogic Tree.

The first edition of volume 1  (A to K)  and volume 2 (L to Z) are now available.


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IBBO means: more than 800 pages of information's about 3000 personalities in ophthalmology, in vision and in optics since the antiquity.

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